Innovating and transforming HR technologies can convert the HR department from a muddled bureaucracy to a business driver. This system has been designed to save time , resources and provide accurate information about your company staff .

Our HR Management Software is suitable for any small business, allowing you to track and monitor employee information.

HR transformation means taking advantage of the latest technology across all functions of HR and all parts of the organization. From a technology perspective, in the past this meant licensing proprietary HR software, hosted either on the company’s servers or externally, and perhaps outsourcing some functions to a third party who would look after the software and processing. But today, HR transformation increasingly means leveraging cloud-based technology to support service delivery and customer experience.

We have worked closely with HR experts and summed up processes and features that would improve your hr management. We are keeping our promise to guide businesses into the digital future so we will do anything to adapt the system to work for you.

A few of the Cloud HR Management System Features

Holiday Management

This feature allows users / employees to request holiday from their manager which will Approve or Reject the request from their account.

This feature also stores each employee’s holiday allowance and days left.

Timesheets Management

This feature allows users / employees to submit their hours worked in a period of time , this will have a waiting for approval status until it has been approved by their manager.

User Management

Easy to use , employee management dashboard with consolidated information about each employee’s jobs , timesheets , holidays.

This section will also allow you to view employee details and view and upload employee certifications / files.

Job Management

This feature has been created for staff that need to log different jobs within their place of work or for their companies clients.

Save time and money with our secure, cloud-based employee management system.

Cloud HR System by PCON Uk is built on a secure platform with a secure access gateway and data storage.

Our system is intuitive, easy to use, and web-based. There’s no need for expensive software or extensive training – all you need is an internet-connected computer. You’ll be up and running in minutes.

Our Cloud HR Management System will :

  • Manage and track employee holidays , expenses , timsheets , job activities.
  • Store all your company and employee documents such as handbooks , contracts , employee certifications.
  • Enable your employees to login and have access to all their data and submit vehicle checks , timesheets , jobs , expenses , request holiday
  • Create HRM reports enabling you to plan more strategically in the future.
  • Provide you with prompts and a call to action (eg. to remind a manager when a probationary period is coming to an end).
  • Company News & Raffles.
  • Allow you to manage documents and procedure, and employees can access the system to make holiday requests and check annual leave entitlement.