Dental Referrals Management System for Dentists

We have developed a cloud based , easy to use , responsive and secure system for dentists to send and receive patient dental referrals .

It was developed because we know how hard it is for a dentist to send a letter and wait for it to get received and get a response back. The Dental Referrals Management System by PC ON is straight forward and easy to use.

As a dentist that receives dental referrals you have your admin dashboard where you can view all your received dental referrals with full information and photos / x-rays and also reply to them .

When you receive a new dental referral you will also be notified via e-mail and/or SMS .

When you send a reply , the dentist that sent you the dental referral will be notified via e-mail / SMS .

It is very easy to manage your dental referrals and referring dentists / dental practices and also add new referring dentists / dental practices to the system , all you need to do is use the option to send an invite and the new referring dentist will get an e-mail with a link to register.

It is very easy to send a dental referral , the referrers will need to log in to the dental referrals management system and go to the submit dental referral form and complete the dental referral details and also upload as many images / x-rays as needed. Once the submit button is clicked the doctor/admin will get an e-mail notification and/or sms that a new dental referral has been sent.

Why use the Dental Referrals Management System ?

  • Fast & Easy Process.
  • It’s easy to keep track of your referrals and referrers.
  • Keep doctor and patient data in a safe , encrypted environment.
  • Update referring doctor about the status of the referral , update x-rays.
  • Inform patient about a future appointment via e-mail.
  • Cloud based and Responsive so you can access your database anytime , anywhere from any device.
  • Eliminate waiting time for your referrals and referrers .
  • GDPR Compliant.

This online referral system can be customised for any domain that works with referrals. ( general dental practices , implantology , endodontics , chiropractic etc. )

Please feel free to drop us a line at or use our contact page and request a demo of our referral management system or send us suggestions.

Screenshots from the Dental Referrals Management System Admin View :

This is the admin dashboard , view of all the dental referrals , sorted by their status and a report with total , opened , closed and pending referrals
This is the management dashboard for your referrering doctors.


Invite a new referrer to your referral system


Screenshots from the Dental Referrals Management System User ( Referrer ) View :

This is the dashboard for the referring dentist , reports and every dental referral sent .
Dental Referrals Management System – Submit Dental Referral

The view referral screen with dental referral information , x-rays and reply from admin/dentist.

This is the view of a dental referral from the admin view. Admin can update status to open / closed / pending . Mark the letter as sent and also generate an e-mail to the patient about a future appointment .