SEO vs PPC / Adwords

SEO vs PPC / Adwords

This is something that every website owner thinks about and I have decided to shed some light on this issue from my years of experience in seo and marketing.

What is SEO ?

Search Engine Optimization aka SEO is the process of optimizing your website’s code and content to be seen better by the search engine and as a result of that rank better in the index.
The first step in SEO is optimizing your page and content and the second one is link building which will build authority for your website when comparing to other websites.

What is PPC ?

Pay Per Click aka PPC is a service offered by search engines where you can be ranked on the search engines for a cost per click.
Search Engines nowadays use SEO algorithms for PPC too , this means that even if you pay it doesn’t mean your ad will be shown , so there is a small amount of seo in ppc too (if this makes sense).
If you have a poor rating ad , they say your ad will not be shown but of course your bid(cost per click) is a factor in the rating too so even if you have a poor rated ad you can increase your bid and your ad will still show.

SEO and PPC are similar in terms of end results , and by results I mean clicks or website visitors and not sales or enquiries.
What you need is clicks / visits that convert so you would turn that visitor into a sale.
From my experience there are two factors that matter in the eyes of a website visitor , these factors are :

  • Website Landing Page
  • Credibility / Reputation

Why is credibility / reputation important ?

Because you know and everyone knows that you can be anyone and pay Google or Bing or any search engine to put your ads on the first page of the search engine and rank on any keyword that you want.
But everyone also knows that ranking naturally on the 1st page of Google is not an easy job and it doesn’t happen overnight and this would be a proof of who you and your business are and it’s going to give the visitors that extra confidence necessary to turn into a sale.

Why is your website’s landing page important ?

I think there isn’t much to explain here really , it’s all about user experience and this could be just some easy fixes , more in the area of aesthetics but also some pretty big bugs in your website such as not being mobile friendy.

  • Your website has to be mobile friendly and it has to be very good at it , these days at least 40% of your website traffic comes from mobile users.
  • Page speed – If your website is slow the user will just hit the back to the search engine page and pick another website because there is plenty of fish in the search engine sea.
  • Security – Do you have a SSL Certificate ? If the answer is no , get one ASAP ! You will not even get close to page 1 on the search engine and you will scare the visitors away too. Modern web browsers already show pop-up alerts or even block users from accessing insecure content.


Probably here is where you make the difference.
Overall PPC is more expensive than SEO because you will still have to pay for every single click that you get regardless if it converts or it doesn’t convert.
SEO will cost you less and in the long rung it will grow stronger and stronger and if done properly it will turn your website into a Go-To for your niche ranking 1st.


SEO is the winner by far in all areas !

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